quarta-feira, outubro 15, 2008

tea time: 5pm sharp

Sem despedidas. A ultima vez que nos vimos foi ha um mes, e para mim foi so a ultima antes da proxima. Nao interessa quanto tempo separa esses dois momentos. Nao quero saber.
Remember "we'll always have Paris". That Paris won't be a place, but a time, the one of our favourite ritual, one small thing among the list of small things, songs, books, pictures, and moments we collect.
Meanwhile think that at least for a few months we wont be growing appart, but walking towards the same element. By December, close to our birthdays, we'll be bathing in the same waters.
I've been having tea, where it grows, searching for the best one. And I'll keep on doing it untill the day you just drop by and we have another cup toghether.

domingo, setembro 28, 2008

time to let go of this story

All of these lines across my face, tell you the story of who I am, so many stories of where I've been and how I got to where I am, but these stories don't mean anything when you've got no one to tell them to... it's true... I was made for you.
I climbed across the mountain tops, swam all across the ocean blue, I crossed all the lines and I broke all the rules, but baby I broke them all for you, because even when I was flat broke you made me feel like a million bucks, yeah you do and I was made for you.
You see the smile that's on my mouth is hiding the words that don't come out and all of my friends who think that I'm blessed, they don't know my head is a mess no, they don't know who I really am and they don't know what I've been through like you do and I was made for you...
All of these lines across my face, tell you the story of who I am, so many stories of where I've been and how I got to where I am, but these stories don't mean anything, when you've got no one to tell them to... it's true... I was made for you
The Story Brandi Carlile

with this song i let go of this blog... DARGELING has left for asia for the 4 month long honeymoon, she is living a dream and on her way to another big one. "i'll be back soon" she said but i won't... so because now each one of us is following a different path, the distances are so much further from our imagination, we will go our separate ways. this blog, or this letter box that we loved to through things in will always be here, maybe one day it'll be a book to keep by our beds, it will always be open and ready for anytime we want to reopen it to remember and relive special moments.
we thought about doing this together because i was moving to Antwerp, and just like my phone was stolen on my last day there, this blog finishes for me also as another adventure is about to happen.

she will probably be sharing her adventure through the asian continent in a new blog, a new book, and i know we all hope she'll let us know soon where exactly... but in the meanwhile i'll be flying away on
one way to africa


segunda-feira, setembro 22, 2008

twice as difficult

when we, A.T. and I did our "goodbye drink" in Antwerp we knew it'd be hard, we knew we had made ourselves go through something we could never control. we knew we'd laugh but cry at the sight of people leaving. we knew we'd have gifts to open but still be so surprised as we ripped the paper away... we knew it'd hurt but not that much...
what if we had to do it again? would it still have that effect?

i did... i said goodbye to the most important people to me in Antwerp again, twice... and twice as difficult.
four days of excitement filled with usual things, the jokes were ours and the gossip also. the looks, the quirks, the tastes, everything seemed just as normal as it was...
but the city was different. this time, it was my city, it was my home... Lisbon. i hope i showed them exactly how i live here, exactly what makes me ME here. i know there as still a thounsand things to show, a million things to see and so much more to say, but even knowing that there would be a second goodbye, we did it, we were together again and that is so much better than anything else. saying "see ya" twice was twice as hard but twice as special.

so, gorgeous girl, thank you, thank you for saying "i will miss you miss portugal" because that is what keeps me going.

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terça-feira, setembro 16, 2008

another countdown

(30 days) and an apology to SOMEONE who has been having boring days at work because i haven't written here on this blog. hopefully what i will say here today will lighten up your day... or worse.

i spent 1 week just laying down on the couch pretending there was nothing else in the world except the most wonderful channel FOX LIFE, pretending i actually took the problems in UGLY BETTY's world seriously... maybe if it was GREY's world i'd probably wouldn't know the difference. anyway the couch worked for just about 8 days and then i took off. i'm telling ya, the more i stay out of here the more i will need to be alone, so i left the house of FOX LIFE and the house with the pool and crawled into my little nest, where silence is key and alone time is prime time!

just about... if you add to the quiet time a bunch of mails and phone calls i have been having to write or call in order to just UNDERSTAND what the heck i have to do to get everything ready to fly away, then i guess i have to find my silence in the toilet! my skype phone has never been so useful and the most professional tool i ever had. if it could only be so simple and reduced to ONE phone call, i swear it'd be nicer, but nooooooo every time i call someone the info changes or adapts according to the mood. and schedules? ah let me tell you something people... did you know embassies are only open to the public 4 hours a day???? maybe only the one i need, but still 4 hours??? are you kidding? if you can't get stuff done until 13:00 you have to do it tomorrow, all over again. !"

!"#$%&%$#"! my point exactly.

there was a high point in this mess, i had to go get my CRIMINAL RECORD, yup... i had to ask for my legal life to be handed out to me. strange how even if i KNOW i'm a good person and have committed no crime i still felt a bit shy asking for one.
"can i have my criminal record please... today?"
"it depends, have you ever committed a crime?"
"no ma'am, never"
"well... we'll see"
"...ok... sorry for interrupting you day here all alone"
after 2 minutes... it figures
"well, here you go, apparently you were right (she was surprised!) it's €3.00"
"does this mean if i had comitted a crime i'd pay more??? eheheheh ahaahahha" i made a joke!

so crime pays or not? i should rethink this whole being good thing...

just in case you missed it... it's my 6th anniversary of me leaving home for the first time. my my my... back in 2002!

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domingo, setembro 07, 2008

last sunday without you

: )

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